San Baio: Study Group

Lesson 1: The Treasure Jing and your DNA

Upcoming Schedule:

  • November 14 (1:30pm EST) – the treasure Jing and your DNA – How Epigenetics can predict your lifespan
  • December 16 (1:00pm EST) – the treasure Chi – Keeping things moving with Zusanli (ST 36) and its relationship to balancing the Three Burners
  • January 6 (1:00pm EST) – the treausre Shen – San Baio for emergencies, including anxiety and psychiatric disorders
  • February 7 (1:00pm EST) – Sharpening your Clinical Excellence: new San Baio Case Studies and further explorations of “assess and address”
This amazing series is available for only $150. Recordings will be made available for viewing at your convenience.
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