A letter from the San Baio co-authors

Janet Galipo, D.O.M., and Nancy Werner, M. D.:

A number of our colleagues, students, and clients in Energetic Healing have asked about our streamlined approach to patients with chronic conditions. This concise way of working often assists an otherwise “stuck” patient to move to the next level of wellness or therapy, and can be easily spliced into a larger treatment plan without risk of side-effects.

In response to this interest, we have prepared a 3-day training called “San Baio” – Unlocking the Three Treasures of the Chinese Wisdom Tradition. Our insights issue from our combined years of experience with the basic principles of San Baio – to which of course we were introduced during our own student days. However, we have adapted the older values to the third millennium, and the contemporary environment of Westerners.

Class Focus

In this training we address the 3 fundamental aspects (“San Baio”) of human health:

1. Essence (“Jing”),
2. Energy (“Qi”), and
3. Consciousness (“shen”).
The interaction of this triad forms the fundamental basis of well-being.

In unlocking the Treasures, we have chosen a treatment scheme that employs 3 sets of body-point geometries, one simple set for each of the Treasures. Our goal is to make this material accessible to different kinds of therapists, and even the interested lay public.
To activate these point geometries, we are sharing a number of non-invasive yet effective tools that will substitute effectively for the traditional approach of needling. The points we have elected to work with correspond to standard acupuncture placements and can be easily referenced from a number of sources. They can quickly be learned by non-acupuncturists!